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Pioneers Redefining Neurological Care

NeuraSeed BCI is led by a team of neurosurgeons uniquely skilled in minimally-invasive surgical access to the deeper subcortical regions of the brain. 

With the support of world-class clinical and basic neuroscientists, biomedical engineers, neuroimaging experts, chemists, and physicists, NeuraSeed BCI is revolutionizing our understanding and ability to treat a variety of neurological conditions.

We’re on a mission to implant BCI into the deep brain to deliver pharmacological agents directly to the target site while concurrently measuring biomarkers. Our team has already published the first paper demonstrating the safe insertion of electronic materials into the subcortical region of the brain in animal models.

The NeuraSeed BCI Leadership Team

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Chief Executive Officer


Chief Operating Officer




Chief Financial Officer


Board Member
Dr. Neilank Jha
Chief Executive Officer & Executive Chairman

Neilank K. Jha, MD, MSc, MBA, completed his residency in neurosurgery and fellowship in Spinal Surgery and is a recognized leader in the field of mild Traumatic Brain Injury (mTBI). He completed his MBA with a focus on Forensic Accounting & Data Analytics from Ivey Business School and his MSc from the London School of Economics in Behavioural Economics and Cognitive Psychology.

Chad Harman
Chief Operating Officer & Board Member

Chad Harman is a 25-year cannabis and health insurance executive possessing unique leadership experience across operations, manufacturing, finance, product development, etc. Chad’s strength lies in focused corporate strategies to maximize efficiency and profitability.

Dr. Julian Bailes
R&D and Board Member

Julian E. Bailes, MD is a recognized leader in the field of neurosurgery and the impact of brain injury on brain function. He’s been instrumental in the understanding of Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy (CTE). He was portrayed by the actor Alec Baldwin in the movie Concussion.

Michael Hlavsa
Chief Financial Officer & Board Member

Michael Hlavsa has 44 years of executive and financial experience, receiving designations of CPA, certified internal auditor, and chartered global management accountant. He’s been an officer and director of numerous publicly traded companies on the NYSE, NASDAQ and OTCBB.

Bruce Cassidy
Board Member

Bruce Cassidy Sr. founded Premier Bank & Trust, NA and Excel Mining Systems LLC and has been at the helm of 12 different companies. Now retired, Mr. Cassidy currently spends his time investing in, operating, and serving as a board member for various companies in multiple industries.